Tree Surrounds

Trees and planting in public areas bring us all many benefits, pleasing to the senses and environmentally beneficial. But maintaining these areas can be time-consuming and expensive.

Murphy Playground Services has identified a solution for tree surrounds in streets and for hard to access areas whch reduces the maintenance bill whilst keeping the natural elements intact. Using a bound rubber mulch we can provide an attractive, easy to clean and maintain surface that doesn’t collect debris .

The tree surround can be easily swept or hosed in paved areas and doesn’t obstruct a mower in grass areas. It is fully porous and will flex with the growth of the tree for several years so there is no need to trim the edge every year to allow for tree growth.

Other Hard to Maintain Areas

The same principle will apply to planters, surrounds for benches, bins or any other structure making it an ideal choice for parks, public areas, schools, activity trails, playgrounds, paths, picnic and leisure areas and domestic applications.  Fully porous, long lasting, cost effective, safe and green and available in a range of colours.


Our PlayClean process restores the colours and safety properties of wetpour, tiles and tarmac surfaces, using a deep clean system that kills moss, mould and algae and removes dirt, grime and even chewing gum. If you're looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your play area is a clean and pleasant environment where children can play safely, call us today for a demonstration of how we can bring your playground surfacing back to life!