Surface Cleaning

Playground Cleaning & Rejuvenation

Playgrounds that are outdoors and well used will obviously need regular cleaning, litter collection and removal of graffiti. Regular mowing and removal of grass and sweeping of surfaces is recommended to avoid litter and debris. Deep cleaning every few years will keep your playground in good condition.

Safer Surfacing

Over time most rubber play surfaces get a build-up of mould, mosses and algae and if left untreated can become dirty, unattractive and often extremely slippery. No-one wants to see a child coming home from the local playground covered in filth. Chewing gum is another common problem.

The PlayClean process from Murphy Playground Services removes this problem, making play surfaces safe again, and restoring their original colours. The PlayClean process brings surfaces back to life using a deep clean system that kills moss, mould and algae and removes the chewing gum, grime and dirt from wetpour, tiles and tarmac.

Not only can the surfaces look as good as new but the original non-slip and resilient properties are restored because the dirt and debris are removed. Our specially formulated cleaning solution also helps to inhibit the regrowth of moss and algae.

The PlayClean Process

  • Safety, non-slip and resilient properties restored – giving peace of mind for the provider and user.
  • A clean and pleasant environment where children can play safely.
  • Your playground is only closed for a short period of time during cleaning.
  • Equally effective on black and coloured surfaces.
  • No other process cleans so deeply and so effectively


Play equipment is often defaced with rude and offensive graffiti. Studies show the best approach is to keep on top of graffiti by removing it promptly. Murphy Playground Services has successfully removed graffiti from all types of play equipment including metal, wood, HDPE and other plastics. Our system is completely safe, non toxic, water soluble, biodegradable and works even on graffiti that been there a long time. We’re proud to say we don’t leave any marks or shadows behind.

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Our PlayClean process restores the colours and safety properties of wetpour, tiles and tarmac surfaces, using a deep clean system that kills moss, mould and algae and removes dirt, grime and even chewing gum. If you're looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your play area is a clean and pleasant environment where children can play safely, call us today for a demonstration of how we can bring your playground surfacing back to life!