Adult Outdoor Exercise Gym Equipment for Adults and Seniors

Outdoor Exercise Walker

Outdoor Exercise Walker

We know now how important it is to stay active and keep fit – for adults, young people and seniors alike. Regular exercise not only keeps muscles and joints healthy, but it is also good for co-ordination, mobility and core-stability, and has a role in preventing falls amongst older people.

In recent years, adult outdoor exercise gym equipment in Ireland has tended to address either flexibility and mobility for senior citizens OR fitness training for adults. Current studies underway in Germany are expected to illustrate that the use of flexibility and mobility type equipment over a period by senior citizens and by persons who generally do very little or nothing in terms of exercising will then encourage such users to do more in this respect and hopefully go on to more strenuous types of equipment or, more importantly, to take part in and make use of locally available sports facilities in general or to join sports clubs etc. By selecting a broad range of outdoor equipment you can serve both of these types of users and make a real impact in moving people from one group to another.

Adult Outdoor Exercise Gym Equipment

As an independent operator in the play industry, Murphy Playground Services has the flexibility to offer you adult outdoor exercise gym equipment from a range of suppliers allowing you to choose the selection of equipment that best suits your local needs. Having been aware of quality issues with this type of equipment in the past we are working with manufacturers who specialise exclusively in the provision of high-quality outdoor exercise equipment for adults and seniors. Two of these companies are Playfit and 4F who have installed well over 400 adult fitness parks in Germany and other EU countries, and Switzerland in the last 4 years alone.

Whole Body Exercise machine

Whole-body exercise machine

Playfit also supplied the equipment for sites in Ireland at Cavan Town, Blacklion, Co. Cavan which you may have heard about from the media as well as Baggott Park in Limerick City. The site at Cavan Town went on to win an award in 2010 under the Taoiseach’s Public Service Excellence Award scheme for its outdoor gym facility. You may also be interested to know that Playfit is a member of a DIN working committee in Germany which is setting up the basis for a new safety certification standard for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.

High-quality, vandal-proof and weather-proof equipment

Our adult outdoor exercise gym equipment can be used intuitively and offers an innovative workout schedule. It is fun to use and even couch-potatoes can be motivated to go out of doors regularly and actually do something to keep fit in the fresh air.

  • Exercising with playfit® helps keep your muscles supple.
  • playfit® can be installed practically anywhere
  • easy to use, uncomplicated “all-weather” equipment – robust and long-lasting quality
  • suitable for all age-groups (except, of course, small kids and toddlers)
  • no special clothing required so no need to get changed before exercising – this is the whole idea – you can really use the equipment in everyday clothing any time
  • benefits to health through stress reduction and exercise

Taiji Massage as Exercise

We, as Murphy Playground Services, can provide you with the experience these manufacturers have gained in this sector so that you can maximise the benefit to your public from the installation of an outdoor fitness zone in your area. For full details, including equipment specifications, please visit manufacturers’ websites at:


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