Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing for Playgrounds

Bound rubber mulch path

Bound rubber mulch path

A new type of safety surfacing for playgrounds, bound rubber mulch is safe, seamless, hard wearing and can be laid over almost any type of existing ground without the need for foundations, making is a cheaper alternative to wetpour.

Bound rubber mulch safety surfacing for playgrounds is composed of rubber shreds mixed with a resin binder to form continuous safety surfacing that is most commonly used in playgrounds and landscaped areas.

Murphy Playground Services provides safety surfacing for playgrounds that is attractive, easy-to-clean, low-maintenance and the surface doesn’t collect debris. We also provide a fully inclusive 7-year warranty on surface, edging and associated groundworks.

Bound Rubber Mulch is a fully porous surface that can be easily swept or hosed in paved areas and doesn’t obstruct a mower in grass areas. When used for tree surrounds it will flex with the growth of the tree so there is no need to trim the edge to allow for tree growth. The same applies to surrounds for benches, bins, outdoor equipment or any other structure making it an ideal choice for parks, public areas, schools, exercise areas, activity trails, playgrounds, paths, picnic and leisure areas and domestic applications.

Porous, long lasting, cost effective, safe and green (100% recycled material) and available in a range of colours to blend in with your own project.

What problem does it address?

  •  High wear grass areas such as zip wires and embankment slides
  • Difficult to mow landscaped areas such as narrow strips along fencing, slopes and rockeries
  • Paths through activity trails
Bound rubber mulch around trees

Bound rubber mulch as tree surround

What are Benefits?


  • In many cases, no need for specialist foundations
  • Single layer coverage
  • Same day curing
  • Experienced team


  • Natural looking shreds, ideal for woodland areas
  • A variety of colour options can be mixed to blend with the natural landscape

Features of bound rubber mulch

  • Extensive tests have been carried out to find the optimum blend of rubber shred sizes for long lasting wear
  • Specialised pigmentation process used for colours ensures minimum fading
  • Retains no moisture and does not stay wet
  • Effective in the control of weeds
  • Does not attract pets and wildlife mess
  • Low maintenance so cheaper to own
  • Drop tested to BSEN1177 standards for playground use
  • Shredded solid rubber (not chunks)
  • Comfortable underfoot and more natural aesthetics
  • Metal and fibre free (no pneumatic tyres used)
  • Better coverage – use less material
  • Toy safe classification
  • Non flammable classification
Bound rubber mulch on slope

Bound rubber mulch used on slope

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Our PlayClean process restores the colours and safety properties of wetpour, tiles and tarmac surfaces, using a deep clean system that kills moss, mould and algae and removes dirt, grime and even chewing gum. If you're looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your play area is a clean and pleasant environment where children can play safely, call us today for a demonstration of how we can bring your playground surfacing back to life!