Playground parts, repairs to play equipment

Your one stop shop for playground parts, repairs play equipment. We have spare parts, refurbishment & vandalism solutions for playgrounds, play equipment, MUGAs, parks & public spaces across Ireland.  We help keep your playgrounds, parks & public spaces safe, open to users and looking their best. We provide playground parts, repairs play equipment and carry out play equipment Repairs, fencing, gates and all types of surfacing. We do playground cleaning and play equipment cleaning including surface cleaning and graffiti removal. We refurbish playgrounds to bring old play equipment back to life as a low cost alternative to a new playground. Call us today to arrange a maintenance visit, to get a quote or to order playground parts. We keep a large range of parts in stock and can offer next day delivery on many play equipment parts. Email or call 087 9733035 for more information. We are closed for annual holidays until 31st August 2020

Make Time to Play

Experts have warned recently that children could become part of a ‘Robot Generation’ lacking social skills, creative skills and the ability to interact with others if they are not given the opportunity to play regularly. A UK campaign called Make Time for Play has been launched to encourage busy parents to make time for children […]

Play Safe

As a society our attitude to safety has changed over the years. Global news reporting has raised awareness of danger and legislation has established mandatory requirements. Many children nowadays play in a much more controlled environment than their parents. Cushioned surfacing, fencing, self closing gates and signs listing . . .

Spares & Repairs

We know you'll get complaints from parents and kids when your playground is closed or a piece of play equipment can't be used. We also know it can be hard to figure out what parts you need and how long you might wait on someone to arrive to fix a problem. At Murphy Playground Services we believe playgrounds are there to be used and need. . .

Maintenance Free

There really is no such thing as "maintenance free" but there certainly are ways to reduce maintenance time and costs. The secret is to maintain the aesthetics at the same time! Grass areas that are hard to access for mowing or tree grids that collect dirt and debris can be replaced with a bound rubber mulch surface that requires much less time. . .

Playground Upgrade

Getting ready for Spring? Give your play area a new lease of life, without buying new equipment. Our Playground Makeover service has already delivered incredible results throughout Ireland with customers telling us their playgrounds look "good as new". Have a look at some of the before and after photos on our Facebook page – PlaygroundMakeoverAlbum